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[Finnish] Learned words, proportion with English words

May 06 alle 09:42

I am looking for the moment when starting to speak should be feasible. I know full well that starting to speak is awkward, no matter when you start. At the moment I focus on guided reading (lingq) and chaotic listening (non-lingq). In about 2 years I want to move to Finland and apply what I know to real world issues.

My status is 5000 Finnish words (lingq count) and I am aiming at 20000 words (lingq count) to start speaking. Unfortunately, I have no direct influence on "creating" known words. When I see a word, I just know whether I am still learning the word or not. And some stay in state 3 for a long time.

I can directly influence the number of lingqs I create. Up until now I have created 50 lingqs a day. That is slow, I know. But still it is the one factor I can influence with certainty. I am now looking at in creating from 50 to 100 lingqs a day.

I use chaotic listening (which means podcasts above my level and without transscript), because for some reason I enjoy that a lot more than guided listening. The con is that I mostly don't understand what they are saying, just bits and pieces. It is getting better though.

So, finally my question. Does anyone know or have a reasonable guess as to the proportion of Finnish words (lingq count) to English words (lingq count)? That would help me determine whether 5000 is really so low and also if 20000 is a reasonable starting point for speaking.

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