Advice wanted about Martinique

louise_steele ca Canada

I am spending a week in Martinique at France Langue Martinique school to improve my French. I will be in a homestay. Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare for my trip or what to do?

November 06 alle 02:40
  • jbruxemathieu123 ca Canada


    November 06 alle 11:09
  • DitzyRobert ru Russia

    I don't think there is some specific advice on the matter. What I'd say is just read and listen a lot.

    November 06 alle 14:18
    • louise_steele ca Canada

      I am reading up online about Martinique and have a tourist publication.

      November 06 alle 21:16
  • LILingquist us United States

    Sounds like a cool trip.

    My only contribution is my French teacher is middle school saying not to go to Martinique because they speak a different (substandard) French there. lol

    November 07 alle 03:41
    • louise_steele ca Canada

      I am sure I will come back with a creole accent, but I am also looking for the sun.

      November 07 alle 14:50
      • ktjoseph vg Virgin Islands, British

        i was just there two weeks ago i'm sure your french will improve the people are very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed generally and you certainly going to get sun it's hot lol

        November 07 alle 15:59
    • ftornay es Spagna
      My only contribution is my French teacher is middle school saying not to go to Martinique because they speak a different (substandard) French there. lol

      How silly of him. I've met a few people from there and they speak perfect French. Of course, they also sometimes speak creole but that's a different language. Anyway, a different accent wouldn't be "substandard"

      November 08 alle 02:00
      • LILingquist us United States

        Good to know. I wasn't big fan of that lady and I eventually switched to Spanish because of it.

        Ironically, in the one Spanish course I took at college (6 years later), I remember the (Peruvian) instructor pointing out that something I said was how they say it in Spain. She was a little snippy too, which I didn't care for, so I countered by saying that my way, because it was the Castillian way, was the "real way" to say it. Then she said that was racist.....and hated me ever since. ;)

        November 08 alle 06:22
  • kimojima us United States

    I met a lady from France on a language exchange site, and her favorite place to go on holiday was Martinique. She insisted on speaking French every time we spoke on Skype, so that was fine with me. The peculiar thing she always used to tell me was-- Kimo, you know how you can fly right to Hawaii with no problems? Well, it's the same with Martinique; since it's a French island, you won't have to go through customs. I told her I'm just an American, I don't have dual citizenship. And she kept telling me, trust me, it's 1-2-3, every time I arrive in Martinique it's no problem. There's no customs to go through. We kept talking around each other on that one.

    November 12 alle 22:14
  • Emmanuel_C fr Francia

    Hi. People there speak standard French but with a specific "créole" accent. They also speak the "créole martiniquais" which is a nice sounding pidgin, but never with tourists. My advice would be : don't try to imitate the "créole" accent. White people using this accent are usually "bekés" (descendants of early European settlers). Maybe you want to have a look at Wikipedia to learn about the turbulent history of that area and the problems they are currently facing ; not everyone is friendly btw. I've been there only once and I'm not a specialist of the West Indies, so take what I wrote cum grano salis. However, I can guarantee you that the food is excellent - as long as you like red pepper!

    November 13 alle 10:09
    • ktjoseph vg Virgin Islands, British

      martinique is one of the safest countries to visit hundreds of tourists go they every year with no problems les bekes is a political and historical issue that has been allowed to continue by france but rarely ever effects tourists this link might explain it better but it's in french and also only has french subtitles no english captions

      November 13 alle 11:15
      • louise_steele ca Canada

        Wow, that video was quite enlightening, thanks for sharing. I now know to watch what I say.

        November 13 alle 19:00
    • louise_steele ca Canada

      Thanks for the advice on the accent. As I am still learning, I usually try to imitate accents. I am not likely to be mistaken for local. And I do love spicy foods

      November 13 alle 18:35