Correct translation - Arabic - Amiya (from Lesson 1 Palestinian Arabic)

MaryS gb Regno Unito

From the following :

حيفا مدينة كبيرة وحلوة كمان.

طيّب، بكفّي

What is the correct translation of بكفّي and what is the root /source of this word please? Also what is the best way to find an answer to this without troubling this forum? I can see that Google translate gives "enough" and I am aware of the word كفاية (sp??) but don't feel this is correct.

give a bit more info but I don't see why the speaker would be saying "enough" . I feel this is a common expression so don't want to misuse it.

September 16 alle 17:26
  • myamzen sa Arabia Saudita

    Hi Mary

    this seems to be levantine arabic dialect

    the MSA quivelent will be: حسنا، هذا يكفي

    in the one you posted " بكفّي " implied almost always a negative meaning

    so in that it differs from the word كفاية which has a neutral meaning + it is a noun

    where the other one can be translated to "enough of that !"

    I hope that has helped

    September 16 alle 18:48
    • MaryS gb Regno Unito

      Hi Myamzen

      Thanks for this info. It is helpful to learn this from both MSA and Levantine dialect perspectives.

      September 17 alle 14:21
  • Ullux nl Paesi Bassi

    Hi Mary,

    the root is كَفَّى.

    If you check the online livingarabic dictionary you will find the following example (under meaning no. 3): بِيْكَفِّي [L] that's enough! often used like an imperative, meaning stop! that's enough of that!

    September 17 alle 10:32
    • MaryS gb Regno Unito

      Hi Ullux

      Bedankt! شكراً Thank you - that is very helpful. I can see now how useful the online livingarbic dictionary can be and will make more use of it in future.

      September 17 alle 14:18
  • SaudiMike sa Arabia Saudita

    Hello Mary,

    I think most dictionaries including google translate use only MSA and not the dialects, but some words can be found both in MSA and in the dialects. We learn MSA at school and the dilatlects at home from our parents and family.

    September 17 alle 15:07