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English podcasts with Nerelle Poroch

December 2017

You obviously know my English podcasts with Richard from England. And today I would like to present you some of my podcasts with Nerelle Poroch.

She is Australian by birth but from her youth Nerelle lived and worked for a long time in Ireland and England. She graduated from an English university and taught English in Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine and Russia.

I met Nerelle 12 years ago when she was teaching English in Petersburg and at the same time she was learning Russian. I was her first Russian teacher.

Now Nerelle came back to Canberra, the capital of Australia, where she works in the National Institute which helps and supports the Australian aborigines.

Nerelle helps me in ceating, correcting and recording some English podcasts for different levels. Having lived and studied in the UK for a long time, Nerelle has rather the British accent than the Australian one.

You can use our podcasts for the beginners, for example, our course "My first texts":

or for the Intermediate level, for examnple, our course "The English way of life":

or her trasnslation of my article about my cat "The Death of a beloved Cat" (Intermerdiate 2):


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