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Why doesn't lesson vocabulary support tag filters?

March 26 à 04:13

When I go through the lesson, I usually want to spend a little time with flashcards, to help me remember words I met there. However, I don't want to drill every single unknown word I met. Not all words are equally important.

I guess, I can just mark words as "ignore" to exclude them from created lingqs, but it goes against the "official" advice on using Lingq, which recommends only ignore meaningless words, like names, or words in a language other from the target one.

Another solution is to tag important words, then go to the full vocabulary and filter by tag AND by lesson, but it requires too many steps. And the filter by lesson looks broken on IOS (?!). Some lessons are missing from there, as if the list of lessons is truncated after exceeding some limit (in my case it shows only lessons with names from A to D). Why not limit it to lessons belonging to the selected course filter?

Also, wouldn't it be better to have a separate button in word popup to specifically mark a word for flashcards as "will learn" or will it make the system too complex?

I would like to hear other approaches.