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Suggestion for Audio Reproduction Speed

June 29 à 21:50

Hello, all! I am a new member at LingQ (been here for less than a month) and I'm really missing two features about the audio reproduction feature:

1. A 1.25x option. There are many options for slower reproduction, but I can only choose between 1.5x and 2.0x if I want to hear it faster - and sometimes 1.5x is a bit too fast, while 1.0x is painstakingly slow. 1.25x would be perfect (it's also how I mostly watch YouTube videos). Would this be feasible?

2. A drop-down list for reproduction speed. I believe it is much better to choose your preferred speed right away from a drop down list than to have to go through each option (especially in my case, because I have to go through ALL of the options to get to 1.5x and sometimes I miss a word while I'm focused on that)

What do you all think? (:

Thanks a bunch for your attention and stay safe!


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