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How to cancel my membership?

October 2019

Hi all,

I know it sounds like a silly question but I can't get hold of the option. I have a tab opened pointing to Account in Settings and there's absolutely nothing called cancel or anything related thereof. I can upgrade, change my bank details, but I cannot downgrade.

I already had that problem in the past, and I remember I had to sort it out by cancelling the payment ON PAYPAL. I had to get in touch with the support on several occasions for this very reason.

Could someone from LingQ see to that? If I want to cancel, I shouldn't have to hunt high and low for the bloody option, that's preposterous.

I checked the forum out of curiosity and I realized I wasnt the only one mentioning the problem. Turns out on several occasions Zoran had to MANUALLY cancel the membership. Seriously guys?

I'm sorry for the contemptuous tone of my message but ain't the first time it occurs and I just dont get why the problem hasn't been fixed yet..tbh I think business-wise it really sends the wrong message.