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I asked Chat GPT ... and was blow away.

March 13 à 11:46

So far I've looked at bg.wiktionary.org to find tenses. It all looked complete. Just recently I learned that Bulgarian verbs not only form tenses but exist in pairs. There is a form for recurring or ongoing actions. (Imperfective) And a rather different one for completed actions (Perfective) - whether in the present, future or past. I had not encountered this before in my study materials. So I came up with the idea of creating my own material. I gave CHAT GPT this task:

"Please generate a sorted table with three columns showing the 50 most frequent Bulgarian verb-pairs in first person singular conjugation. The leftmost column should contain the combined frequency for each verb-pair, and the middle and rightmost columns should show the corresponding imperfective and perfective variants, respectively."


I am really exited how CHAT GPT can help learning.

I know, LingQ does not focus on grammar, lists or any other 'artificial' material. But this approach shed some light onto some freaky verbs that I could not find in my dictionary and that seemed somehow redundant to me.

Some people say, language learning is actually pattern-recognition. I tend to agree. It is "re-cognition". So some "cognition" beforehand helps.