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Hello guys! Do you know where I can find news in French with audio and transcript? Some kind of NPR.ORG,but in French.Thanks

August 2012
  • Shigeharu jp Japon

    You can check up the following collection.

    RFI le journal en français facile

    We cannot share the following content on LingQ, but you can visit this.

    Radio Japon

    TV5 7 jours sur planète

    1) Click "Exercices en ligne".

    2) Click '"transcription" for three topics to read transcripts. You can check up each résumé, too.

    3) Click your favorite exercises for any levels, so click "voir la séquence" to watch a video.

    August 2012
  • [1892uDH] aw Aruba


    August 2012
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    mark ca Canada

    The RFI stuff is pretty close. There are some parts not transcribed but enough is transcribed that you can look up the key vocabulary which helps understand the interviews which aren't transcribed.

    August 2012