Review Vocabulary, Daily LingQs and Spaced Repetition System
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I'm not sure if the spaced repetition system is working correctly. In the help it says "LingQs are selected for review based on our SRS (Spaced Repetition System) schedule. Status 1 - 1 day, Status 2 - 3 days, Status 3 - 1 week, Status 4 - 2 weeks, then 1 month, then 3 months.". I added new lingQs on the 14th August, They appeared in my Daily LingQs for review yesterday and I went through and clicked "Got it!" two times which adjusted their status to 2. You would then expect them to appear for review in 3 days time (which would be tomorrow the 17th August) however they appeared again today. I've gone through and clicked "Got it!" two times which has now adjusted their status to 3. When I look in the vocabulary section these lingQs are still showing under the "Due for Review" option. I will update this thread tomorrow if the same LingQs appear again in tomorrows daily review.
August 2014
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    I thought I would update you with what has happened today with my daily lingQs. The LingQs that I added on the 14th August appeared in my daily lingQs for review again today. Therefore, they are now up to status 4 after just three days! LinQs that I added on the 15th August which should have come up for review on the 16th and then on the 18th also appeared today even though I completed them yesterday. Either I'm not doing something correctly or your system isn't working correctly. Please advise.
    August 2014
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    Thanks for the heads up on this. I will ask one of our developers to take a look into this to see if there are any issues in the algorithm that might be causing this issue!
    August 2014
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      Thanks Alex.
      August 2014