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silviad 392 14728 5285

It would be useful, if the examples do not give phrases from other languages!

For exemple in Portuguese, I found the word 'ta' which was used as a short word for está. However, in the example phrases, I only found FRENCH phrases. Languages should not be mixed!

Thank you,

August 2014
  • Moderator
    alex 1705 656 31848
    It's strange to hear that it would be showing examples from another language. Would you be able to send over a screenshot of this (preferably the whole page) so we might get a better idea of what is happening here? You can send it to support (at) lingq.com. Thanks!
    August 2014
  • KnowItSome 71 330 512
    This has been happening to me as well, for probably well over a year now. I will send a screen shot.
    August 2014