can't change the status of Linqs
Titus007 8008
when I'm doing a lesson using the set up with the definition and linq status on the right side (dashboard being open i suppose) I can create linqs and edit the hints and such but I can't change the status. If I change the status, the color of the linq on the left side changes but not on the dashboard side. When I refresh the page the status returns to what it was previously.

I tested a bit and it seems the status can be changed and remain changed with the dashboard closed, but with it open it will not.

I hope my explanation was clear and thank you for everything.
July 2014
  • Titus007 8008
    seems the status can be changed with the keyboard but its clicking to change with the mouse with the dashboard open that is not working. Also I can't edit my forum posts.
    July 2014
  • Moderator
    alex 1705 656 31848
    Thanks for the heads up on this! We've got this one in our list and will hopefully have it fixed soon! Also, we've noticed some issues with editing forum posts and will address this shortly as well.
    July 2014
  • Administrator
    mark 37007 3879 2593
    This issue should be resolved now. Sorry about that.
    July 2014
    • Titus007 us United States 8008
      thanks. You guys work is appreciated.
      July 2014