New language idea: Greek
karinb 11159
Could Lingq introduce Greek here? As Greece and Cyprus are very popular holiday destinations, I am sure quite a few people would be interested learning Greek. I know already couple of people who would like to study Greek through Lingq.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all the Lingq family!
December 2013
  • jungleboy 16810 17463 6625
    I am interested in learning Greek in the future, once I have improved my current languages to a level that I'm happy with.

    Edit: removed link to FB poll.
    December 2013
  • eugrus 17101 40961 3160
    It has been announced, that this vote is not gonna matter any more. I can't find the link explaining the new procedure right now.
    December 2013
  • karinb 11159
    Thanks Wulfgar for the link! I hope that soon some Greek people would be willing to share their knowledge of Greek language! :-)
    December 2013