Looking for English tutor?

ricardo_jokinen 37 1490
Hi there, if anyone is interested in having conversations in "English," I am willing to tutor.
I live in Canada, and English is my native language.


Skype: Ricardo_Blanco84
January 2012
  • psann 5

    My name is Ann. I live in Thailand. I would prefer to speak English with you. I'm studying on-line at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. My skype is psann1104. Hopefully, talk to you soon.

    March 2013
  • edisonavila 0

    My name is Edison. I'm from Argentina and I live in Buenos Aires. Tomorrow I'll have the speaking part of the F.C.E. I'd like having conversations in English. My Skype is*****

    See you

    December 2013
  • Stefy_666 290

    My name is Estefani, i'm from Venezuela and i would like improve my english, i have a lot of mistake but i want work on. My skype is: stephany.12
    July 2014
  • ibrahimjunaid 0
    hello everyone,

    my name is Ibrahim. I am good in writing and reading English but not that good in speaking. hope to find someone who can help me with that.
    my skype id is: ibrahim.junaid88
    July 2014
  • ckallid 0
    my Skype : ckallid
    July 2014
  • vaderunoff 0
    Hi, my name is Vladimir, I live in Russia, My major is IT Project Manager, I learn English and I want to speak with you. My Skype nik is artezio_vderunov_1. Call me please
    July 2014