Hur ser den här tjejen ut?
yagmur 149
Could anyone explain me,please?What is the difference between "Hur ser den här tjejen ut?" and "Hur ser tjejen ut?"What does "den här" mean here?Tack!
April 2011
  • jbrains 780 324
    I find this particular feature of Swedish endearing, because some English speakers say the same thing, particularly in the southern US, and even more particularly in Old West movies. They say "Give me that there bottle of whiskey!" and "You want this here gun?" Priceless. :)
    December 2013
  • But I'm still wondering why you put 'ut' in the end? doesn't it mean 'out'?
    June 2014
  • Maria2 1208 25768 1209
    ser = see, att se = to see
    ser ut = look like, att se ut = to look like
    ut = out

    Hence, "ser ut" changes the meaning of the two individual words, just as it does in English actually. "ser", which means "see" + "ut" which means "out" doesn't mean "see out" but "look like". Using "out" changes the meaning in English too.
    Look! = Take a look! For example: Look at that car!
    But if you were crossing the road in front of a car, someone could shout:
    Look out! = Careful! Watch your step!
    The meaning has changed.
    June 2014