"a pleca" vs. "a merge"
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Care este diferenţa intre acesti doi verbe? Mulțumesc!
October 2013
  • MADARA 3590
    ''A pleca'' se foloseste atunci cand parasesti un loc pentru a ajunge in alt loc iar ''a merge'' se refera la actiunea de a te deplasa de colo colo fara a avea neaparat un punct de plecare(if there's something that you haven't understood feel free to ask me whenever you want ).

    I hope you don't mind that I haven't used diacritics but I'm not used to ( in general people here in Romania don't used them unless there's an official paper of an article .
    October 2013
  • harpagon 2348 318 13
    1. "a pleca" înseamnă "to leave"

    A plecat de acasă. (He/she left home.)

    2. "a merge" înseamnă "to go" sau "to walk"

    Merg la școală în fiecare zi. (I go to school every day.)
    Merg pe stradă. (I walk on the street.)

    Cam asta este diferența.

    In some situations "a pleca" and "a merge" can mean the same thing. The same happens in English with "to leave” and "to go".

    Plec la școală. (I leave for school.)
    Merg la școală. (I go to school.)

    Feel free to ask any other questions.
    I am curious to know what foreigners find strange about my language.

    Good luck.
    October 2013
  • zbrom15 0 105 63
    When you say the verb "a pleca" it means you are leaving. When you say the verb "a merge" it means you are going to a place.
    November 2013
  • mikebond 627 17123 111
    Am înțeles, mulțumesc!
    November 2013