How can this verb ending be used in a question? ...
Bonnenouvellejonny 15805 13898 4528
제가 알기로는 항공사에서 일을 하시는 분들 있잖아요?

How can this verb ending 잖아요 be used in a question? My understanding is that it given this verb ending's usage, it cannot be used to form a question.
July 2014
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    alex 1705 656 31848
    @Bonnenouvellejohnny - This is one of those things in Korean that isn't quite obvious. A native can likely explain it better, but in my experience this has a similar meaning to "right?" or "you know?" It isn't actually a question, so don't be fooled by the question mark. I'd roughly translate this short exchange as follows (to hopefully give you a better sense of the meaning):

    "From what I've heard, there are people who work at airlines, right? (Right) I heard those people can get plane tickets really cheaply. (I see) From what I know they can travel very cheaply."

    Hopefully this helps!
    July 2014