Hey Alex, I can't find an explanation for 게끔. the ...
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Hey Alex,

I can't find an explanation for 게끔. the sentence is:

제가 생각할 때는 정말 충동구매 하게끔 만드는 것 같아요.
August 2014
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    I had to look this up actually. I don't see ~게끔 very frequently to be honest, as it's a bit more of a formal pattern from my experience. I had a sense of what it meant, but wasn't confident enough to rely on this so I found a more formal explanation of this on the following site: http://blog.renren.com/share/113945515/6162464708

    게끔 has the meaning of "in order to". The sentence above then would mean "I think they made "it" like this to get people to purchase impulsively." Without context it's not exactly clear what "it" is, but I assume it's either talking about a specific product or talking about the format/layout of a store. Anyway, you'll know from the context :)
    August 2014
  • Aleyna1 183
    Do you know -게? There is '게'어미 '게끔'is more emphasize than '게' the meaning is same as 게.
    October 2014
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    ~ 하게끔 = ~하도록
    October 2014