What is the meaning of ように? And how can I ...
What is the meaning of ように? And how can I use it?
March 2014
  • cwatson705 24 4679 701
    I might be wrong but I think this sentence 同じように is all one word, which translates as similarly.
    March 2014
  • nobuo 41734
    cwatson705 is correct.
    Please read 同じように as one word.

    同じように (onajiyouni) = 同じ様に (onajiyouni) = 同様に (douyouni) = likewise, similarly, equally

    We often say 同様に instead of 同じように .

    Here are some examples.

    英語を教えてください。 同じように、私はあなたに日本語を教えます。
    Teach me English. Likewise, I'll teach you Japanese.

    Watch me and do likewise.

    She is very beautiful, and her sister likewise.

    Japanese is difficult. Arabic is equally difficult, too.

    Hope this helps.
    March 2014
  • 様(よう) is "a word that expresses the state of things". に is a target particle. Therefore, if it helps you understand, ように means "towards a certain state". So when I say something like

    明日は晴れるように — May it be sunny tomorrow
    I'm saying "towards the state of things where it's sunny". As happens frequently in Japanese, I am omitting the verb of this sentence because it is obvious in context.

    明日は晴れるように祈ります — I pray it may be sunny tomorrow
    It expresses a yearning for a particular 様(よう).
    March 2014