what is title? my name? chris watts

doorzettingsvermogen ie Ireland
this sentence makes no sense. Is it: instead of that you could it be you love? what is flowery supposed to mean? thankyou
May 2013
  • inablau il Israel
    Literally this sentence means: "In the place you love the most".
    Please pay attention that if you pronounce במקום as Be-Makom it means "In the place".
    However, the same written word pronounced as Bimkom means "Instead of".
    May 2013
  • doorzettingsvermogen ie Ireland
    I am very grateful, thanking you. I usually work things out but this is the first time I am reading hebrew without the vowels, it seems to come naturally, but this is an instance where I twiddled my thumbs for ages wondering how to translate it.
    May 2013