Was bedeutet das?

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" Unsere Wanduhr steht" Google translate has this meaning " the clock is" but this makes no sense. "Steht" is one of those words that seems to have many, many meanings in the dictionary other than what it means in most cases "he,she,it stands". Could someone shed some light on this?
February 2014
  • evgueny40 70230 13969 42021
    Here: The clock has stopped.
    February 2014
  • Fasulye 1415 2707
    Man kann auch sagen:

    Die Wanduhr ist stehengeblieben. Sie läuft nicht mehr. Daher weiß ich nicht, wieviel Uhr es jetzt ist.

    My English translation: The clock has stopped. It doesn't go anymore. Therefore I don't know how late it is now.

    February 2014
  • [nathan71] 384 6 0

    Thanks evgueny40, that's kind of what I figured. Your examples Fasulye make more sense in this situation, I wouldn't have had any trouble figuring out what these phrases meant. I really like these lessons as most of there are pretty funny, which motives me, however sometimes a beginner might struggle when there's an idiom in the sentence to which no dictionary has a definition. BTW my reading is really improving but my listening skills aren't close to the same level. I almost always read and listen to the audio at the same time, but when I try listen without reading along, my comprehension drops quite a bit. I guess i need to listen more.
    February 2014