Das online Wörterbücher
OzzyHellBack 15 0 6
Wo kann ich das online Wörterbücher für Spanisch, Duetsche, und Russiche finden?

Where can I find a online dictionary for Spanish, German, and Russian?

I hope my German was a little bit decent.
July 2014
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    VeraI 18598 2664 651
    I use for English-German:

    But you find a lot more if you simply create a LingQ and open the dictionaries instead of using a user hint. Or you open an existing hint and open the dictionaries.
    July 2014
  • evgueny40 1720 70019 5766
    Unfortunately, these online dictionaries by opening take place now in the middle of the screen - it ennoys me, the position on the left was more comfortable and didn't disturb to continue reading the text. Now I have every time to close the dictionary before continuing of reading.
    July 2014
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    alex 1705 656 31848
    @evgueny40 - The new dictionary can actually be moved. Just click on the top bar with your mouse and drag it to the position you like.
    July 2014
  • OzzyHellBack 15 0 6
    Thank you Vera! for these useful sites.
    I can't go crazy making Lingqs, because I don't have membership. I can't afford it either, so I have to depend on free dictionaries and other resources online.
    July 2014
  • [[donhamiltontx]] 18662 45031 7145
    @jolanda "picture dictionary : in different languages!!"

    Hermoso, beau, schön, bello, красивый, جميل
    美丽的 !!
    July 2014