Je t'en prie, Steve
marutdc 4856
In the introductory podcast with Marianne, she says "Je t'en prie, Steve" near the end. Does that really mean "I beg you, Steve."??? Merci
August 2014
  • silviad 392 14728 5260
    No, it means 'You are welcome'. You say it when you have done something with pleasure, someone thanks you, and then you say: 'Je t'en prie'. Or also 'Je vous en prie', if it is a more formal situation.
    August 2014
    • Paule89 de Germany 2463 3317 16521
      "No, it means 'You are welcome"

      I think it also means "I beg you", "please", "Go ahead" and whatnot, depending on the context.
      August 2014
  • sodium 8534
    En reponse a un remerciement, c'est bien un "you're welcome"
    En tout début de phrase, "Je t'en pris, Steve , pardonne moi!" serait un "I beg you pardon"
    En début de phrase "Je t'en pris, Steve" ou "Je t'en pris, Steve, rentre le premier" ou "Je t'en pris, Steve, parle!" sera "Go ahead"
    August 2014
    • CecileInParis fr France 3637 7037 18237
      --> je t'en prie avec un E ( et non un S) - Du verbe à l'infinitif "prier" -
      August 2014
      • sodium fr France 8534
        Oups ! Merci d'avoir relevé l'erreur. Je corrige:

        En réponse à un remerciement, c'est bien un <I>"you're welcome"</I>
        En tout début de phrase, "Je t'en pri<b>e</b>, Steve , pardonne moi!" serait un <I>"I beg you pardon"</I>
        En début de phrase "Je t'en prie, Steve" ou "Je t'en prie, Steve, rentre le premier!" ou "Je t'en prie, Steve, parle!" sera <I>"Go ahead"</I>
        August 2014
  • marutdc 4856
    Merci for all of the responses.
    August 2014
    • silviad fr France 392 14728 5260
      I have a question for Lingq support, whether it would be possible to automatically include the link to the lesson, like before. That makes it easier for people to answer, because they can quickly look at the lesson. Thank you so much,
      August 2014
      • Moderator
        SanneT gb United Kingdom 487 661 343
        This is timely! Alex answered your question a short while ago in the thread "new bugs in LingQ?" on the list on the right. It is on their To Do list and they hope to re-establish it once everybody has returned from hols. (I think it is very selfish of people to go on holiday when they are needed by Alex) :)
        August 2014