comment allez vous translation

arunimatakiar in India
comment allez vous translation
January 2014
  • Paule89 ca Canada
    How are you?
    January 2014
  • erica030215 kr Korea, South
    Hello. How are you?
    January 2014
  • olgadavide ma Morocco
    Как дела?
    March 2014
  • khalil88 sy Syrian Arab Republic
    How r u
    July 2014
  • Edward tw Taiwan
    vous allez ---> you go
    comment---> how
    comment allez vous ----> how you go---> how are you going?
    August 2014
    • Ozemite au Australia
      I find the French thinking here interesting, because "how are you going?" is exactly what Australians say when we ask each other how we are, as opposed to the American "how are you doing?"

      'Comment allez vous' should still be translated as "How are you?", its intended meaning, instead of literally.
      August 2014