Uusia oppitunteja tarjolla! New lessons for offer! :)

Masa1 fi Finland
Hei suomen kielen opiskelijat!

Haluatteko minkälaisia tekstejä (äänen kanssa) opiskeltavaksi? Mielelläni teen muutaman teille!

Tsemppiä opiskeluun!

Hei Finnish language students!

Which type of texts (with audio) would you like to study? I would gladly make some to you!

Good luck for your studies (studying) !

/Matti Kauppila

July 2013
  • mikebond fr France
    Hei Matti! Tervetuloa LingQ:illa! (This is most likely wrong...)
    It's great that you'd like to create more lessons for LingQ learners. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to learn Finnish actively now, but maybe next year. You could make some easy (but not too easy) lessons about everyday life in Finland, then maybe something for intermediate learners about culture, history, and so on. And of course, you can create lessons for beginners, which are the most rewarding ones in terms of points you get from LingQ every month (because they are the most used by far).
    Have a good time at LingQ!
    Terveiset Italiasta,
    July 2013
  • monyou fi Finland
    Hei hei!

    Thank you for your post!

    Above all, I would really love "EASY" dialogue in spoken Finnish(puhekieli) that actual Finnish people use in real situation. It's almost impossible to find any materials for learning spoken Finnish online.

    Also, if possible, could you make some sentence patterns in Finnish with a few example in each lesson? For instance...like "toivon, että...". I have read from somewhere that "että" is something naturally follows "toivon".

    I have also tried to make this kind of lesson with Korean and realized it's not easy to do so as a native speaker....however, it would be just wonderful if you could do it...! :D
    July 2013
  • Ltfawg th Thailand
    Hey - That'd be great. The FSI stuff is old and not terribly useful or interesting. How about stories about when you were a kid or just giving your opinion about some topic? I find those to be really useful and often interesting. Daily journal stuff isn't bad either.

    Thanks much!
    August 2013
  • peter au Australia
    Toinen mahdollisuus olisi tehdä transkriptioita TEDx Helsinki puheisiin, muistaakseni niihin ei tarvitse lupaa. Ja kuten muutkin ovat sanoneet, mielenkiintoiset tekstit ja äänitykset aloittelijoille ovat aina tervetulleita.

    Lykkyä oppituntien luomiseen! :)
    August 2013
  • Masa1 fi Finland
    Thanks for all replies!

    I spend almost all of my free time studying my language, so I couldn't really use too much of the remaining in making more Finnish. I heard that sometimes it's good to just relax, but don't know if that is just an urban legend ,) But I would really want to do something to help out in Finnish!

    I will look into this TEDx. To make up lessons from any topic, is really hard and time consuming, if you are not used to it! Or I am not sure would it be any more fun than the boring FSI-lessons! They might be even more boring than them!

    Ltfawg. Could it be ok if I just read out loud an articles? Or do you want opinions of them? There are some easier articles in 'http://selkosanomat.fi/' , but I guess they are still pretty difficult. What types of articles I could speak out? Sports, news, culture?

    So articles, tedx, and my own (gosh!) easy lessons!

    Thank you!

    Kiitos paljon kaikille! Tsemppiä opiskeluun!
    August 2013
  • Ltfawg th Thailand
    Hey Masa,

    Reading articles out loud, but it'd probably be more fun if you just told some funny or interesting life story. Those are usually the best. I'd rather hear people describing, telling stories or giving opinions so those type of articles would be good. I'll have a look at http://selkosanomat.fi/ also.

    Kiitos paljon!
    August 2013