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in this conversation I want to ask about some question..
1. "what did you notice him?" I'am confused what is the meaning of "notice", as for me is the meaning of "notice" same with "know" or "see".. This is true?? or No?? Please explain to Me ^^

2. When the word "WAS" used in English conversation ?? what used for say past phrase???

I'am still beginner, so I need very much study in English. And I hope you can help me.. Thanks..^^
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    "Notice" is not usually the same as "know" and only sometimes does it mean "see". Notice usually means "take note of," which means that the person "becomes aware" of something.

    1) In that lesson, "Why did you notice him?" means, "What made you take note of him (at that time)?" or maybe, "What about the situation made you remember when it happened (and other details of the situation)?" The noise he created made the person take note of his presence at that time.

    2) The lesson was about two people talking about something that already happened so they use "was" instead of "is" to describe the events.

    Hope this helps.
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