My New Cell Phone
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Hello I'm Purchasing My new Cell phone Samsung S5.I am very happy with my new phone.the future as follow. 8 megapixel Camera. 12 GB inbuilt and 20 GB expendable,looking like rich.
August 2014
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    August 2014
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      The post doesn't actually contain any spam in it, since it isn't an advertisement and doesn't contain any promotional links, so I've allowed it :)
      August 2014
  • jreidy 2395
    First watching Korean dramas and then starting to get Korean pen pals lead me to purchase a Samsung phone. The Korean Wave has done it's job ... gotten people to purchase Korean products. All in all, a clever ploy to improve the economy of Korea by focusing on high tech and exporting pop culture to a wider audience. Of course, if you are learning a language, you become interested in the country, or vis versa.
    August 2014