Are the following sentences fine?

valarmorghulis91 it Italy
Hi! Are the following sentences fine?

-A lot of things may be classified as original or highly original.

-Shakespeare's works are described as original.

-I find his ideas rather original (I find his ideas to be rather original)

In those three examples does the adjective "original" mean "innovative"?

Some translations are not very accurate when compared to the originals.

In this sentence, does the noun "the originals" mean "the original works/ texts"?
July 2014
  • jungleboy pt Portugal
    1. Yes, the three sentences are all fine.

    2. Not necessarily innovative, just that they are not copied from other sources. Innovation usually means an advancement (often related to technology), while original doesn't have to be an advancement, just something different.

    3. Yes.
    July 2014