what's the translation of this? No way I think is ...

jhaysantos01 ph Philippines
what's the translation of this? No way I think is not the correct translation on lesson 11.
June 2014
  • Edward tw Taiwan
    Hey. Long time no see.
    Yeah, how are you doing?
    Great! What have you been up to lately?
    it's my job. I don't have a choice.
    It's not word by word translation, but it's what it really means.
    Does it make sense to you now?
    I guess you had problem with "沒辦法". Literally: no method. Here it means that he has to.
    you and your friend just missed the latest bus home. your friend said. "dammit, so close! we should have......."
    you: (sigh) 沒辦法,looks like we gonna walk home. at least the weather is nice.

    It's interesting that 不錯 actually means good/great although it literally means "not bad".

    Pretty good---> 不錯 OR 還不賴
    Not bad---> 馬馬虎虎
    Could be worse; I'm not complaining---> 還可以啦! or 勉勉強強。 or 還過得去。

    This reminds me of American friend. When I ask him how he is( in Chinese), he often replies, 還在呼吸。

    It is probably beyond your level. don't worry if you can't understand the supplement information now. I can record customised lesson for my student. I would love to help you with your Chinese writing and speaking. :) If you have question, please don't hesitate to ask me.

    June 2014
  • jhaysantos01 ph Philippines
    thanks Edward. Great help!
    July 2014