What's the difference between pronounciations of the word 那?

andrey_vasenin1 ru Russian Federation
What's the difference between pronounciations of the word "那"? In this phrase "往 那边,对 吗?" in audio it sound like nei, but in my vocabulary it is na, and also has nei pronounciation. Please explain, or do I mishear? This lesson: http://www.lingq.com/learn/zh/workdesk/item/820...
August 2014
  • TroisRoyaumes ca Canada
    Orally, when uttering 那边, 那里 or 那个, you can use either "nei" or "na". In writing, or anytime you are not sure, it is always safe to use "na".
    August 2014
    • LFJ cn China
      That is true with 那边 and 那个, but 那里 cannot be pronounced "nei li". To be pronounced "nei" you must be able to put 一 between 那 and the noun or measure word. The "nei" pronunciation comes from merging 那 and 一 in 一边 or 一个. "Na yi bian" or "na yi ge" merge to become "nei bian" or "nei ge". Same goes for 那种 and other measure words. It can either be "na zhong" or "nei zhong" (na yi zhong). Doesn't work with 那里 (nali) though.
      August 2014
      • andrey_vasenin1 ru Russian Federation
        Very helpful. Thanks!
        August 2014
  • Moderator
    ColinJohnstonov gb United Kingdom
    I think I noticed once that 那 was being pronounced 'nei' and got very confused. This is interesting.
    August 2014