In the lesson audio I hear #1 pronunced as: sif ...
jy05t 17 44
In the lesson audio I hear zero pronunced as: sif
In the dashboard audio I hear zero as: safira

I am curious why the pronunciations differ.


March 2014
  • It's ( Sifr ) (Sefr) ... Without ( a ) at the end
    March 2014
  • Sammeq 0 1263
    numbers have both masculine and feminine version of the same word. wahid, and wahida. sifr, and sifra. I don't think this applies to numbers larger than 9, and not to the number 2
    August 2014
    • JQ8 sy Syrian Arab Republic 3158 120 272
      No we don't do that with (Sifr) you're wrong :D you can't say Sifra at all
      August 2014