sophiavries nl Netherlands
hello, can you help me with the pronunciation of the whole arabic alfabet actually? I'm not able to hear each letter good enough to be able to pronounce it, so my cuestion is, could you spell them out for me in Enlish or any Euorpean language actually? I tried some other online lessons and schools/ w/e, but the never use the same dialect, that confused me so now i dont know what to pursue. I just want to be able to actually SAY what i read. thank you, sophía
December 2012
  • Muhannad eg Egypt
    Hello Sophia & Jolanda! :-)
    I understood from your question that you wish to know how to pronounce the letters in the alphabet. So, I'm going to do a recording tonight with each letter being pronounced in Arabic and then giving the English letter that most resembles it. Although some letters will have no equivalent (accurate!) in English, I'd still try and find the closest and then point out that this is not exact :-) Hopefully this is going to help.
    December 2012
  • Ghoghnoos ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
    I will write them here, (it's somehow pronounce this way) but the accent is stronger, u should carefully listen

    ا = a
    ب = b
    ت = t
    ث = s (your tongue should touch upper teeth)
    ج = j
    ح = h (strongly pronounce from the end of throat)
    خ = kh (is not in English, u should listen)
    د = d
    ذ = z like in "that", "this", "those"
    ر = R
    ز = Z (normally like z in English)
    س = s (normally like s in English)
    ش = sh (like fish, shoe...)
    ص = s (you must listen, strong accent)
    ض = z (it's a bit like D. you must listen, strong accent)
    ط = t (you must listen, strong accent)
    ظ = z (you must listen, strong accent)
    ع = a (you must listen, strong accent) it's said from the end of throat
    غ = gh (you must listen, strong accent) like meRci in french
    ک = k
    ل = L
    م = M
    ن = N
    و = W (like: WHat, wow, worship,wall)
    ه = h (like hat, his)
    ی = y (like yard, yellow, yet)
    July 2014
  • jolanda ch Switzerland
    The question was from 2012!!!!!!
    I suspect sophia isn't longer a active member on Lingq.

    Unfortunately arabic is not supported, and most arabic students and tutors left lingq and are using other sources.

    Anyway,thanks for your reply.

    July 2014
  • polyglot87 ae United Arab Emirates
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    July 2014