Spanish TV Serials (recommendations)

nahual lt Lithuania
Hello. I'm true beginner in spanish. Recommend me some serials or youtube links, please.
Thank you! :)
October 2013
  • [donhamiltontx] aw Aruba
    Have you looked in the library?
    October 2013
  • [donhamiltontx] aw Aruba
    Have a look at this thread:
    The title of the thread is "Películas, tv series y programas españoles."
    Note that you might find some of them or even all of them too difficult for now. But maybe not.
    October 2013
  • betacentauri ar Argentina
    Given that you claim to be a true beginner, some Spanish spoken series might leave you without a clue. I would suggest to look for some children-oriented material to begin with. How about "Sesame Street" ("Plaza Sésamo" in Spanish)? Guaranteed to be a bore for you, but they speak easy, correct and very slow (dubbed) Spanish.
    Once you are beyond the first stage, you may get down to more interesting stuff like "Desaparecida", a Spanish crime series. The main character is played by an Argentine actor, but he tries to sound Spanish so as to fit the rest of the cast. As a result, his Spanish is very neutral --he sounds sort of Uruguayan. You can compare his speech to the other, Spanish born, actors in the same play.
    December 2013