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mikko 187
HEi!I'm mikko and i'm new here
Now i 'm in UK for studying
I want to improve my english and make friends from different country,
know different culture.
can we talk on skype in English
my skype ID is: mikkoisme

^ ^
August 2012
  • HI.
    I am Rehan from Sialkot-Pakistan. I am also searching for someone who may help me to improve my English language skill. My skype id is "skypism"
    January 2013
  • hi this is ashraf and would love to chat on skype on : ashraf00073
    January 2013
  • Hi, I'd be interested in an English-mandarin exchange. Also a little bit of Japanese/Korean/Russian/German/Arabic practice if interested (I'm just learning).
    August 2014
    • pauler ru Russian Federation
      Hi ! =)))

      I'm a native Russian! =))) Sure, would like to help you with Russian, whichever you prefer, i.e. either written, or spoken, or both, no problem! ;-)
      December 2014
      • TomRoberts us United States 0
        Ok, yeah. What's your Skype?
        January 2015
  • krupal_k 671
    Hi, My name is Krupa. i am from India, I want improve my English so can we talk on skype in English My skype ID is: krupa.k7
    August 2014
  • Hi Mikko, I'm Ronaldo and Ilive in Brazil. I would like to talk English on Skype. My Skype is rguimaraes5
    August 2014
  • Axelander 4766 8363 148
    I'd be interested in Skype lessons as well. In English or in Mandarin.
    January 2015
  • Gulfaz 486
    Hello Guys i am An Accounts and Finance Professional i want to improve my English skills by doing conversation with people who also want to learn english and have patience to hear bad speaker like me .....thanks
    My Skype id is --Gulfaz.sabir
    March 2015
  • Okur 171 16669
    I added you to speak to each other on skype but i think you did not accept to share your account.
    March 2015
  • my name is mohammed ,from Saudi Arabia,,,
    my skype ID is: mohammed.saad667
    March 2015
  • I am Ngoc Anh from Vietnam. My English level is intermediate around 5.5 or 6.0 IELTS band scores. So I want to get 7.5 bands score in few months later.
    Therefore, If you want to improve your English or want to get a high IELTS band scores, we will assist each others.
    Contact me: anhphanypd!! (send me a message when make friends on Skype with me!!)
    July 2015