Let's practice English over Skype
skype: raselahmed66
May 2014
  • gimpf 0
    I am Felix and I would like to improve my English. I want to speak to someone who want to help.
    Please contact me on skype :Felix Gimpelevich felix.gimpelevich1
    thanks and I hope to hear you soon

    May 2014
  • Hello i want speak with someone to improve my english and meet people around the world my skype is shourbeigt bye bye
    May 2014
  • TomTabaczynski 73 4986 61
    Question: why do you all want to use Skype? Is it not better to organise this using Google Hangouts? My suggestion is that, instead of giving your Skype name, make friends on Google+ and organise a public Hangout. Forget Skype, it's useless. Just sayin'.
    May 2014
  • blara 469
    Hello, everybody!

    I Would like to practice English and change information about cultures.

    Skype: brunolara3


    June 2014
  • [[TamkinN]] 1
    I am Tamkin , I am new here . i do not know the rules of this site but i see that everyone wants to make a conversation with each other .i also wanna mention that my skype ID is Tamkin.Nuriyev .I am always ready to converse with over skype.

    June 2014
  • abhid21 514
    English conversation on Skype.
    Add me.
    Skype id: abhid21
    June 2014
  • Hello
    Add me on Skype for English conversation
    Skype id: akber.aly2
    June 2014
  • I m from Pakistan, Finance Professional, want to improve my speaking skills. Please add me at skype faisal.khan9182
    June 2014