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    Feel free to talk about anything related to LingQ or language learning.

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  • Ask Steve

    Do you have questions about language learning? Ask LingQ founder Steve Kaufmann. Steve learned to speak 10 languages and is learning 2 others. The LingQ System is based on the methods he developed.

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  • Conversations Forum

    Can't find a conversation time you like? Tell us what times you are looking for, with which tutor and in what language. Look for other members to form a discussion group with.

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  • Content Forum

    Share any thoughts about content. Have you found interesting Items in the Store? Or imported anything you want to share?

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  • Tutor Forum

    This forum is for tutors to ask questions and compare experiences as tutors on LingQ. All members are welcome and if you're interested in becoming a LingQ tutor, let us know!

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  • Open Forum in English

    Talk about anything you like as long as you write in English!

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  • Foro abierto en Español (Open Forum in Spanish)

    Habla acerca de lo que desees. La única condición es que escribas en español.

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  • Offenes Deutsches Forum (Open Forum in German)

    Sprecht über ein beliebiges Thema. Die einzige Einschränkung ist, dass es in Deutsch sein sollte

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  • Fórum Livre em Português (Open Forum in Portuguese)

    Fale sobre o que você quiser. A única restrição é que você deve escrever em Português.

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  • Libre Forum en français (Open Forum in French)

    Parlez de ce que vous souhaitez. La seule restriction est que vous devrez écrire en français.

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  • 日本語フォーラム (Open Forum in Japanese)

    何でも好きなことを話し合うことができます。 制約はただひとつ、日本語で書かなければならないということです。 日本語に関する質問は講師ではなく、他のメンバーが答えてくれることでしょう。

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  • Русский форум обо всем (Open Forum in Russian)

    Пишите о чем угодно, но только на русском. На ваши вопросы о русском языке будут отвечать не преподаватели, а другие ученики.

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  • Forum aperto in Italiano (Open Forum in Italian)

    Parla di ciò che ti piace. L'unica restrizione è che occorre scrivere in italiano. I nostri tutor non risponderanno alle domande relative all'italiano ma saranno gli altri membri a rispondere.

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  • Open Forum in Swedish

    Talk about anything you like as long as you write in Swedish!

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  • Open Forum in Dutch

    Talk about anything you like as long as you write in Dutch!

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  • Open Forum in Lithuanian

    Write about anything you like as long as it is in Lithuanian.

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  • 中文公开论坛 (Open Forum in Chinese)


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