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How do I import content?
Click the blue “Import Content” button on the Home page and you will open the importing panel. Here fill in the following fields:
  • * Title - Create a title
  • * Text - Copy and paste your text here.
  • Upload audio - If you have the audio file for this lesson on your computer, you can upload it here.You can also input an audio URL if the audio file is located on the web. Make sure to enter the duration in seconds for audio URLs.
  • Upload image - If you would like to upload an image to make your lesson look better, upload it from your computer here. Lessons with images are more popular than those without.
  • Tags - These are optional and could include category, type, accent, or keywords.
  • Original URL - If you imported this text from the web, you can include the original URL. Once you do this the lesson will be displayed to other members and if you give it a rose, it will be shared on the Exchange..
  • Level - Attach a difficulty level.
  • Course - Choose a course from the Course dropdown to group lessons into courses or attach a lesson to an existing course.
  • Description - Create a description. The first few sentences of the article will do. This field is optional.
  • Provider - Add a Provider to provide attribution to the content creator or to establish your own brand as a provider. You can include links and images for providers.
  • Resources - You can add videos, translations, other scripts, lesson notes, exercises and attachments in the Resources Tab. Just choose the type of resource and its language.

* Only Title and Text are needed when importing private lessons.

When you create a Course, the Title, Description and Image are for the Course. You will still be able to create individual Titles, Descriptions and Images for Lessons in the Course.

How do I share content?
To share content, open a lesson that you have imported. Click Settings in the top right corner and then choose Edit Lesson. At the bottom of the page change the status of the lesson from Private to Shared. Then, choose a provider (or create a new one) and click Save. A lesson must have an audio file, text and an image in order to be shared.
How do I earn points from my shared content?
Each month we take any expired points from that month and pay them out to all those who shared content that month. Points are then awarded to content providers based on the number of shared lessons as a percentage of the total number of shared lessons. If your lessons accounted for 10% of the total lessons shared, you will receive 10% of the expired points collected.
LingQ Content Importing Guidelines

When uploading content to share on LingQ, please refer to the following guidelines:

  1. You must upload text, audio (mp3) and an image for all content.
  2. Content must be free of copyright or you must have permission from the copyright holder.
  3. Content should not contain questionable subject matter, ie. profanity, pornography
  4. Please try to ensure good sound quality by using a good quality microphone.
  5. Audio files must be mp3 files saved at 64 Kbps and 11025, 22050 or 44100 Hz. (Use a program like Audacity to record your sound files and prepare them in the right format).
  6. You must include an image with all content items.
  7. We reserve the right to accept or reject any content that we feel doesn't meet the guidelines above.
Can I import copyrighted content if I don't share it?

Yes, you can. You can import anything you like into your own account for your private use. All content you import is private unless you explicitly share it after you have imported it.

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