Import Netflix Content into LingQ

mark ca Canada


We all enjoy watching shows and movies on Netflix. Now you can grow your vocabulary and comprehension at the same time! Whether you’re watching Money Heist in Spanish (Casa de papel) or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Swedish, no more hunting for subtitles in the depths of the internet. Just import the captions with 1-click and read them on LingQ.

Use the LingQ Importer Extension ( -, - , or - to import your favourite Netflix shows and create interactive lessons. Here’s how:

  • Load your favourite Netflix show.
  • Click the LingQ extension icon in your browser’s toolbar.
  • Select the language you’re studying.
  • Click Import – and take a leap towards fluency!

That’s it! It’s that simple. Now there’s no excuse for not meeting your language goals! Here's a video explaining how to do it - . Happy LingQing!

August 13 at 23:04
  • Ryanaissance us United States

    This is extremely useful, and the timing impeccable. I think you read my mind as I was just starting to explore how I could utilize Netflix on here.

    August 13 at 23:38
  • Uwek us United States

    This is awesome! Didn't know you guys have an extension icon. Does this work also for youtube videos with subtitles? I use more youtube than netflix however.

    August 13 at 23:57
    • Administrator
      ericrobertz ca Canada

      Yes, the extension works with a lot of websites. Depending on the site, it can pull both the audio and script.

      Anything under the "added to extension column" that has a "y" should work.

      August 14 at 05:44
      • rboddie us United States

        This is awesome!!

        Any chance you guys are planning to add Coursera or another MOOC platform to this list? It seems perfect for the purpose; interesting content with translations in many languages and very accurate close-captioning in the lecturer's language. I'm uploading content from Coursera in Chinese now but would love if I could do it automatically with the Chrome add-inn.

        Keep up the good work.

        September 07 at 16:31
        • Administrator
          mark ca Canada

          I'm not really sure how that would work. My understanding is that Coursera or other sites like it provide a course in whatever format the instructor chooses. I would think that right now you should be able to import any text lessons already using the extension. Then, if video lessons are provided and have captions, it would depend on what platform they are being played. I don't think it will be possible to just import a course for this reason. If you are able to find a standard format that is used we could look into it.

          September 08 at 17:27
          • rboddie us United States

            From the few courses I've tried out on Coursera, they adhere to a strict format. All the videos I've seen have closed captioning and an interactive transcript underneath, sometimes in several different languages. As an added bonus, the transcripts have time stamps. It seems to be their own custom platform, not a link to another site like youtube.

            The reading materials are usually in PDF but sometimes embedded in the platform. I've tried to use the chrome addin to import but I get some weird results. I've been pulling the transcripts and ripping audio from the videos manually to upload into LingQ, but it shouldn't be much different from Youtube or any other platform.

            I'm not sure what it would take to adapt the LingQ addin to recognize this platform. If it's doable, it would be a lot of bang for your buck. There are a lot of lectures in French, Chinese, English and other languages (I assume), all using the same platform. It's really a treasure trove of advanced combined reading and listening content.

            Let me know if I can help you at all.

            September 08 at 22:30
            • Administrator
              mark ca Canada

              Ok, thanks. We will see what we can do there in terms of grabbing the video transcripts and time stamps. The audio is often trickier. We will also see about importing the on page transcripts. Pdf's would have to be downloaded and uploaded in our file importer.

              September 09 at 23:00
  • amop567 us United States

    This is an incredible feature

    August 14 at 06:27
  • jbfan88 us United States

    This is great. I assume that your version of Netflix needs to have subtitles in the language of the film for it to work? Because for American netflix, many things only have English subtitles. For example, "I am not Madame Bovary" only has English subtitles.

    August 14 at 07:10
    • Administrator
      mark ca Canada

      Yes, we can only pull in captions if they exist on Netflix.

      August 14 at 15:07
  • jbfan88 us United States

    found a small bug for you. I saw a taiwanese movie that looked interesting, so I switched lingQ to traditional chinese to import it. but when I went to import it said "Error:No appropriate captions found. Available languages are: English, Traditional Chinese"

    Is that because LingQ writes it was "Chinese(traditional)"?

    August 14 at 07:49
    • Administrator
      mark ca Canada

      Thanks for letting us know. We'll take a look and see what's happening there.

      August 14 at 15:02
      • jbfan88 us United States

        please let me know.

        August 18 at 08:27
  • iancurry us United States

    I just tried it with the Arabic show "Jinn" and it looks like the subtitles were pulled into LingQ, but no audio was pulled in. Is this happening to anyone else?

    August 14 at 11:10
    • amop567 us United States

      The tool imports the subtitles, not the audio

      August 14 at 11:28
  • milenalazarevic rs Serbia

    Does it work on android? I tried importing dw deutschlandlabor from yt and it did not grab subtitles neither audio.

    August 14 at 12:53
    • Administrator
      mark ca Canada

      I'm afraid this only works on the web in Chrome and Firefox right now.

      August 14 at 15:02
      • milenalazarevic rs Serbia

        Is it possible to somehow make import work for dw website for texts like top thema?

        August 14 at 15:04
        • Administrator
          mark ca Canada

          Can you send us the url of a page you want to import from there?

          August 14 at 15:11
          • milenalazarevic rs Serbia


            Problem is i think that text is in manuscript tab and import extension only imports the part above

            August 14 at 15:37
            • Administrator
              mark ca Canada

              Yes, we would have to customize the extension to target the text on the manuskript tab for that website. There is a lot of good content there so we'll look into it. Thanks for letting us know.

              August 14 at 16:28
            • ericb100 us United States

              Milena, I don't know about doing your specific import, but has a channel on youtube and the import works great on the short videos from that in my experience.

              I do find it may be best to edi the lesson afterwords though, if you like single sentence mode....You may want to edit out the breaks where it moves one part of a sentence onto the next page--(show sentence splits, then delete the markers in the middle of some sentences).

              Lots of great content.

              August 16 at 16:58
            • MarkE us United States

              I just tried it as well on Safari, and it didn't work for me either.

              August 16 at 18:09
  • Vilasboas89 br Brazil

    Hello Mark,

    I'm learning English then I tried to import a TV Series which has English[CC] subtitles and unfortunately it does not work. Could you give any clue to make it work?

    August 14 at 15:58
    • Administrator
      mark ca Canada

      You would have to provide the tv series name so we could look into it. And, also, which browser you are using.

      August 14 at 16:25
      • Vilasboas89 br Brazil

        I'm using firefox and watching Better Caul Saul. When I try to import that message shows up external_image: Enter a valid URL.

        August 14 at 18:52
        • Administrator
          TimB us United States

          Thank you for letting us know. We'll take a look at this.

          It does work on Chrome at the moment if you want to try that while we sort this out.

          August 14 at 19:09
  • MarkE us United States

    It's working perfectly for me thank you very much.

    August 14 at 17:13
  • ginthewoods us United States

    Safari does import...something. I tried a French series and clicked on French (cc) transcript. But what loaded into Lingq was the transcript in ENGLISH. Is this a Safari problem, or something else? Great idea, though. Hope I can make it work.

    (later)...Following up on my previous comment (can't find it below): yep; if you do it in Chrome it works fine. In Safari it just brought in the English transcript. And it was not possible to add a new course before the import, either.

    August 14 at 20:08
    • Administrator
      TimB us United States

      Unfortunately, Safari does not yet have the capability to import from Netflix although it will import from Youtube and any number of other websites and video sites.

      August 14 at 20:19
    • Vilasboas89 br Brazil

      Same here using Firefox.

      August 14 at 20:49
      • Administrator
        TimB us United States

        The Firefox bug has been reported to our technical team.

        August 14 at 20:53
  • MatthewDonovan ca Canada

    This is absolutely fantastic! I Just tried it with a Hebrew show on Netflix (Shtisel) and it worked without issues!

    Thank you!!!

    August 14 at 21:04
  • Cristianojo br Brazil

    Obrigado, facilitou bastante

    August 14 at 21:49
  • Cristianojo br Brazil

    tem previsão para o amazon prime video também?

    August 14 at 21:52
    • Administrator
      mark ca Canada

      We have no plans to add Amazon Prime but, if there is enough demand, we can look into it. Do they offer movies in many different languages?

      August 15 at 16:11
      • Cristianojo br Brazil

        ok thank you

        August 15 at 21:39
      • t_harangi us United States

        Amazon prime is oddly behind in the mutli-language audio and subtitle game. I keep hoping they will at least add Spanish dubbed versions in the US, but no.

        They do have some foreign titles with english subtitles, but that's about it.

        August 19 at 18:11
        • Combiendemarins be Belgium

          Here Netflix comes only with the vo and some version in my national languages. That makes 4 languages at best. For other languages you are limited to vo in these languages.

          Amazon prime offers a lot more and you can make your search in their catalogue before registring with them. Be aware the polish dub are quite poor with one voice dubing the whole show over the vo..

          Just as an example Doctor House and Forrest Gump both have ton of dub and more sub. Mr Robot have a magyar and a cestina version both dub and sub.

          August 19 at 19:57
          • Administrator
            TimB us United States

            Good to know that access to Netflix shows in a variety of languages is limited in some countries. Thanks.

            August 19 at 20:03
          • t_harangi us United States

            Yes, Netflix's library will be different in different countries due to various rights they buy etc. For example, Netflix will have a show like The Alienist that's shown as a "Netflix Original" series in Europe, even though in the US it's actually an AMC (or something like that) show and not available on Netflix at all.

            The language audio tracks will change as well, depending on what territories Netflix has licenses for.

            But overall, it feels like they do try to make as much content available in as many languages as possible for each territory. Amazon, doesn't do that, unfortunately.

            August 19 at 21:25
  • sgjeffery gb United Kingdom

    I can't make this work on my MacBook Air. I've managed to get the extension but it only imports the description of the series, not the subtitles. Is this likely to change anytime soon?

    August 15 at 11:43
    • Administrator
      mark ca Canada

      You will have to use Firefox or Chrome on your Macbook. The Safari extension doesn't yet import from Netflix.

      August 15 at 15:10
  • Nona us United States

    Thank you!

    August 15 at 22:10
  • Paul_Russell us United States

    I just got done importing the first episode of "Dark" and it worked wonderfully. (Win10/Chrome) Thank you!

    August 16 at 18:09
    • jwp51 us United States

      Installed the Chrome extension and have been trying to import an episode of Money Heist from Netflix. The circle in the “Importing” box has been going around for an hour now. How long does this normally take?

      August 16 at 19:08
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        Shouldn't be that long. Do you have problem with that one episode only? Have you tried importing anything eles?

        August 17 at 15:14
        • jwp51 us United States

          It's working now. I imported an episode and it only took a few seconds.

          August 17 at 17:42
  • LILingquist us United States

    To Mark and all the LingQ Staff, especially the genius that developed this capability,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    I tested it out last night after reading this thread, watching the instructional vid, and then watching the recent YouTube video by the Master himself. This feature is truly amazing for two reasons:

    1) the obvious use as a learning tool.

    2) I have watched 11 telenovelas and other shows, as well as at least 21 Spanish movies and documentaries on NetFlix. Before when I didn't know a word, I was writing in down and importing in into LingQ. Not only would I have saved that effort, but now I can import all those "words" into LingQ and count them exactly toward my overall words read for stats keeping purposes. I'm at 1.8 million now, but I know it's actually much higher becuase of all the Spanish subtitles I have read over the years.

    There are a few movies that are no longer on NetFlix, along with one show that I can remember. Perhaps I will post a separate thread in the future asking to see if anyone out there in LingQ Land has them.

    Amazing! Thank you yet again!

    August 19 at 17:32
  • marcos.rm br Brazil

    That's simply amazing!!

    In the last decade, I tried all kinds of different courses and apps, but LingQ has always been the best of them by far. I can't believe now I'm going to be able to integrate it with my other main source of language materials.

    Thanks you so much, I'll recommend this platform until my last breath.

    August 27 at 01:54
  • Administrator
    mark ca Canada

    Update: The Safari Extension is now able to import from Netflix as well. Get the new version here:

    Note: Safari has changed the way they handle extensions and the extension now has to be downloaded as an app and then installed.

    September 04 at 22:23
  • mholevar fr France

    OMG This is such a helpful feature. Thank you!!!

    September 06 at 18:12
  • AKDiscer us United States

    This has been instrumental in helping understand more of Dark on Netflix, so awesome!

    September 13 at 12:34
  • sergeman us United States

    Is it still possible to have Text-to-Speech on subtitles that you import? Because so far it seems that's not the case.

    November 08 at 17:49
    • Administrator
      zoran rs Serbia

      Yes, TTS should work in all imported lessons too. Which browser are you using?

      November 09 at 10:07
      • sergeman us United States

        That's using both Chrome and the mobile app. In the browser, when I press the speakerphone icon, it looks like it's playing but no audio is produced. I'm not sure if it has to do with how the lesson is being time stamped perchance.

        Tuesday at 02:41
        • Administrator
          zoran rs Serbia

          Can you send me a link to one of lessons you imported so that I can test it on my end?

          Tuesday at 03:51
          • sergeman us United States

            Tuesday at 23:12
            • Administrator
              zoran rs Serbia

              TTS works fine for me on that lesson. Is it still not working for you?

              Wednesday at 04:59
  • dannydudlow gb United Kingdom

    This is a brilliant tool. I notice with longer videos on Netflix, it separates the script into shorter lessons, which is extremely useful too. Although, with longer videos on Youtube, I've had the message " duration: Ensure this value is less than or equal to 5400 ". Is there a way around that (I was using Chrome), or is that a work in progress?

    It was this video in particular that I wanted to use a lesson:

    Wednesday at 12:57
    • Administrator
      zoran rs Serbia

      You can't import from YouTube if video is longer than 90 minutes, that's the limit at the moment.

      Wednesday at 14:43
  • Alexandy fr France

    Thanks for creating this great feature (it works perfectly fine on Youtube) but it doesn't work for me with Netflix. When I go on my LingQ, the only thing that has been downloaded is the summary in English and not the episode in my target language. I tried on Netflix and PrimeVideo as well. I'm on a PC and my browser is Firefox. I hope someone can help me make it work. Thank you so much. Alex

    Wednesday at 17:15