Why is lingq not remembering my settings anymore?

davidrobinson gb United Kingdom

For some reason Lingq does not remember my settings anymore. I keep getting the new members hints popup everytime I log in, and every time I change settings such as 'paging moves to known' , these are changed back the next time logging in. This is super frustrating.

September 10 at 18:38
  • khardy us United States

    These settings are kept in your browser with persistent cookies. If you browse in incognito mode, or have your browser configured to not retain cookies between sessions even if they're persistent, or manually clear cookies, then those settings will be lost. It is a long-time minor peeve of mine with the site because it is my policy to not keep cookies when I close any browser.

    September 10 at 19:55
    • davidrobinson gb United Kingdom

      I haven't changed any settings, it just suddenly started doing this! Its mega frustrating. How do I configure the website to retain cookies?

      Thursday at 17:07
      • davidrobinson gb United Kingdom

        Anybody? Please. This is bugging me so much I'm close to cancelling my membership here as it is too frustrating!

        Saturday at 19:49
        • SergeyFM ru Russian Federation

          It is your browser that needs to be configured.

          Saturday at 20:05
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    @davidrobinson Which browser are you using? Do you have any extension installed that automatically clears your browser's cache and cookies when you close it?

    Sunday at 04:29
  • gregf fr France

    I have my browser clear my cookies after every session too. The LingQ popups are still very very annoying, why can't you guys just make it a user setting stored on the lingq server?

    Sunday at 08:33