Why I cannot see the discount page on my PC, but only in my smartphone?

zhakaur ru Russian Federation

Hello there,

Next month is coming my new year billing. Using my smartphone I saw some advertisement about a discount for a year subscription.

But then I use my PC there is no info about that. The date of my next billing is 5th of January. Is it possible to charge money with a discount now? Or I can buy the subscription later, at the end of December?

When your team will answer my letter and tell the necessary sum of money. I'll put money into my account.

Thanks for your job. Hope will continue studying languages with Lingq next year.

Coupon that I entered on the website (taken from mobile app) is not valid.


November 29 at 12:59
  • andrewsaunders au Australia

    I am having the same problem trying to access the black Friday discount. and when I try to use the link from Facebook, my virus checker (sophos) refuses me access. my virus checker almost never does this. And I have the same question about paying now rather than waiting for my next date of billing.

    This is the message I get from my virus checker: "ow.ly/6bBo30pWq1X Access to this page is blocked as the threat Mal/HTMLGen-A has been found on this website."

    November 29 at 23:19
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    @zhakaur @andrewsaunders If you guys want, I can apply the Black Friday promo code on your accounts manually and you will get the discounted price on your next renewal date, which is in this case January for both of you. Let me know!

    November 30 at 05:47
    • andrewsaunders au Australia

      please do! :)

      November 30 at 12:16
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        Done, Andrew! :)

        November 30 at 16:42
    • zhakaur ru Russian Federation

      It will be just great! Thanks a lot.

      It will be charge with the discount - $97.09, won't it?

      November 30 at 12:24
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        That's correct. :) I just applied the discount code on your account.

        November 30 at 16:41
        • zhakaur ru Russian Federation

          You can charge it now. That's OK.

          November 30 at 16:54
          • Administrator
            zoran rs Serbia

            No worries, you will be charged on your next payment date, and the discount will be applied.

            November 30 at 16:57
    • tlyeh tw Taiwan

      I received the notification on my phone, but recently I happen to change my password, so when I tap the notification, LingQ asked me to do login, and after login, it didn't bring me to any subscription or discount page, but ordinary course page. And I lost the notification. Can you please also help me with the discount? Thanks in advance

      December 01 at 13:53
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        Sure thing, I applied the code on your account too and you will get the discounted price on your next renewal date.

        December 01 at 16:16