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Unable to remove lessons and courses

July 03 at 01:13

I saw a similar thread relating to imported content, but this question is about library content. If I open a lesson, the course and lesson get added to the "My Lessons" and "My Courses" sections. I do not see any way to get rid of them. It is natural to open a lesson to see if you like it. If you decide it is not for you, you do not want to keep seeing it on your page!

The language I am learning is Latin. The whole "learn and review LingQ words" thing does not apply to Latin, for two reasons: (1) word endings (inflections) change the entire meaning, and (2) the pronunciation of many of the LingQs is completely off from the pronunciation I intend to learn (reconstructed Classical Latin).

I don't mind paying for premium LingQ in order to access the content without all the review metrics; but I am not going to keep returning to the site if my view is cluttered with content I looked at briefly and don't plan to return to.