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Traditional/Simple Chinese queries etc.

February 09 at 02:27

Hey all,

I have some questions/queries about the Traditional and Simple Chinese languages here on Lingq.

First: It seems I'm able to remove the 'spaces between words' in the Simple, but not in the Traditional. Is this a problem on my end or a problem with the Traditional? As I am hoping/planning to spend more time reading Traditional, I would love to be able to remove the spaces.

Second: is the Traditional still in beta? I can't seem to find that out when I look at the languages drop down section next to my streak counter, as it is listed under my languages, and not in the supported/beta categories. Haven't been able to find it out anywhere else either.

I'm asking cos I would really love to be able to spend all my time with the Traditional, but there's just so much good content that's at my level and ready to go in the Simple I inevitability spend more time there. What's the status of Traditional, and are there plans/efforts to provide more content in the future? I have started to import my own stuff and that from the internet, but that in itself can take up a lot if time. If Traditional became (more) supported, I would be very happy.

Third: is there some way of sharing/combing the statistics from both languages into one i.e. could I move all my stats/streak/word count etc from the simple, over to the traditional? I guess if this were possible it would be difficult as the scripts differ, but I just wondered.

Anyway, just wanna say I jeffin' love Lingq, would not have achieved anywhere near the level I am without it. I tried so many other platforms and learning methods before finding Lingq, and they all just seem like a waste of time in comparison now, so thanks a lot to all the developers and to anyone who contributed content etc. Cheers.


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