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Suggestion: Layout for "Notes" Section

June 18 at 11:01

The "Definitions" section of LingQ is expertly laid-out for those *searching* for a definition. There is a place to put your own definition, to select from a dictionary, and to select from user-generated definitions. Perfect.

However, AFTER you have selected a definition and have generated your own notes regarding that definition and are ready to go back over your document and study vocabulary, suddenly you realize that the notes you generated are much more important to you than the litany of user-generated definitions.

Now, if you want to view your notes regarding a term, you have to scroll thru a list of user-generated definitions to get to your notes.

One suggestion might be that the Notes section would "float" above the dictionaries and user-generated definitions if the user generated notes for the term.

Just for fun, I've created a mock-up of what I'm describing. Maybe others will find this useful.