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SRS question

November 28 at 18:28

I'd like to use the built in SRS review system instead of Anki for convenience sake but I don't understand how the built in system works. Some clarification regarding the following would be much appreciated:

How does LingQ determine the intervals? What's the formula?

Does LingQ introduce new words for review for me like Anki does or do I just go in and start a review session? Is there a setting where I can adjust the amount of new words per day etc?

If I review multiple times per day will this break or confuse the SRS formula so it thinks I know a word really well and not test me again for a long time (if at all)?

It's a hassle for sure exporting words to Anki but that's what I'm doing since I know how Anki works I feel much more in control and I have faith that it works.

Speaking of having control over what I study. I am probably using LingQ a lot differently than most users and I really like this method so I thought I'd share. I have it set to mark all unknown words known as I page. I do not create LingQs for every unknown word rather only the words I want to study and then I continue up until the daily limit. I think it's set at 13. I'd like it if I could manually adjust this but 13 is a pretty good number I think anyway so that works out. So then in theory I now have 13 new words to learn every day added to my SRS. My "known" word count obviously gets super inflated but since LingQ doesn't count words as they're listed in the dictionary but rather every conjugation is its own word so to speak I don't find the number too useful anyway.


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