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Sound problems on iPad with the new version 5

Friday at 12:48

First, is there a bug tracker for LingQ where I can report bugs? Forum seems a bit inefficient.

I really like the new version, it fixed a few annoyances for me. But at the moment there are two problems with audio on my iPad that drive me crazy.

If you tap on a word it plays the speech synthesis audio. While reading Japanese texts I usually tap all words to kind of train my brain for all the different kanji pronunciations. In the old version that worked flawlessly but in the new version there is often no sound. It seems that while one sound is playing I can't start a new one. If I wait a second after the sound of one word played the sound of the next word always plays. But that slows me down immensly. In the old version I didn't have that problem, that sound always played, no matter how fast I tapped on words after each other.

The other problem is that LingQ sometimes (but not always) controls the sound of other apps. I have a few books in LingQ where I also have the audiobook from Audible. So I use my iPad in splitscreen multitasking mode where LingQ fills two thirds of the screen in landscape mode and the Audible app fills the remaining third on the right side. I usually read a whole page and afterwards I listen to the audiobook with that segment. The worked flawlessly in the old version.

In the new version tapping on a word in LingQ does not only trigger the sound of the word in LingQ but also triggers "play" in the Audible app. So the audiobook is unpaused and starts playing. Even if I leave the splitscreen multitasking mode where the Audible app is running in the background it is still triggered. I can only kill the Audible app to stop the constantly unpausing of the audiobook.

I use an iPad Pro 10.5" from 2018 with iOS 15.1.

PS: I would also very much appreciate an option to turn of animations like the fade in of the dialogue window when tapping on a word. Looks nice the first few times but after a few hundred times it just annoys me and slows me down.


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