Some lessons showing the they have more blue words than they actually have

Demolitionator us United States

Some Chinese lessons are showing that they have more blue words than they actually have and when you have finished LingQing it and all the page tabs are green it will still show that there are a lot of blue words. When I finish the lesson it adds these to my account.

Also if somebody who works with technical support reads this if you wouldn't mind removing 200 known words from my account as they are a result of this glitch. Silly request I know.

December 05 at 18:11
  • aja466 de Germany

    Same here. There seem to be some characters or words which are ignored as vocabulary. I can't click on them to create a LingQ. But they are still shown as unknown words on the lesson's page.

    December 06 at 18:57
    • aronald us United States

      The same thing happens in the French lessons (for hyphenated words).

      December 06 at 21:15