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Some Cantonese characters are combined into words when they should be separate

August 2020
  • I've imported the text "你哋有咩歌同你啲回憶有連結㗎?". The characters 歌同 are combined into a word and I have no way to separate them so that I can learn them individually. As far as I'm aware, this is not a valid word, but two different characters strung together which LingQ thinks is a word.
  • In story 5, the traditional Chinese word 鍾意 is written as both 鍾 意 and 鍾意. The first representation has a space between the two characters and the second one doesn't. The problem is that LingQ sees these two representations of words as two different words altogether. This means that they both have their own entry in the vocabulary table, which doesn't really make sense because they're the same exact word.
  • Cantonese TTS does not work in the LingQ Android app. An error notification pops up stating 'this language (Cantonese) is not supported by your active TTS engine'. The text is then played with the Mandarin TTS. I have the Cantonese (Hong Kong) Google TTS voice data installed along with all the other Chinese TTS voice data packs.


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