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dk   Denmark

Slow loading after using LingQ for years.

September 16 at 11:35


I've been using LingQ for a couple of years now and really enjoy using the program.

However, I'm running into a problem now that my word counts have started to stack up. (I think)

In the beginning LingQ was very snappy when I did any thing. Loading lessons, looking up words and browsing courses.

However it's been getting slower and slower, and now it takes around 1 - 5 minutes for me to load a lesson every time I go in and out. Same with looking up words, it takes a few seconds every time I hit a yellow word.

In general it's become a pain to navigate when everything I hit takes 10 times what it used to.

I do not think it's hardware related as it's on both my PC, Tablet, and Phone. And all 3 are very powerful and new.

I'm not sure what to do about this problem, but if It continues I will have to stop using LingQ as it's slows down my reading a lot.

I would still love to use LingQ for my reading.

So if anyone can help me find out what's causing the delays that'd be fantastic!