safari importing extension

silvanopoeta it Italy

when i'm trying to import a new video using safari extension i can't find the icon + to add a new course.

it's disappeared.

what can i do?

September 07 at 07:09
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Hi Silvano,

    Please make sure to install our new Safari extension from here:

    and give it another try.

    September 07 at 13:38
    • silvanopoeta it Italy

      OK now i'm in serious trouble!.

      I disinstalled the old extension. I can't install your new extension because it required macOS 10.14 and i can't install it.

      Where can i get the old version of the extension ?

      September 07 at 15:21
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        Here's the link to old extension:

        September 07 at 22:04
        • silvanopoeta it Italy

          that link opens safari extension page but there isn't any lingq extension.

          September 08 at 07:00
          • Administrator
            mark ca Canada

            Yes, Apple has discontinued their old extensions so you can no longer download the old one I'm afraid. I'm not sure if there is a manual way to install it. We will look into it. Are you able to use Chrome?

            September 08 at 16:26
            • silvanopoeta it Italy

              damn why i disintalled it!!!!

              i'm using Safari for all my web activities, if possible i don't want use another browser only for importing in lingq.

              pls try to check if someone has the old extension

              September 08 at 18:53
    • samPickwick us United States


      I read in a previous thread that the extension is not working for Netflix with Safari, is that still true? Or has it been fixed?

      September 09 at 07:53
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        It does work now. We have a new Safari extension which does support importing from Netflix. Here's the link where you can get it:

        September 09 at 21:00