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[request] Have "manage dictionaries" as part of the account, not as a cookie

May 26 at 04:37

As a user I mostly don't care about the software technology behind the functionality. Unless the technical choice affects the functioning in a negative way. That is the case here.

I used to have Lingq constantly logged on, which is a security threat if someone nabs my laptop. So, today I set the chrome browser to lose all cookies once I end the browser i.e. close all windows. Normally that should have no other effect than that I have to log on anew. Which I gladly do.

But ..... apparantly, the "manage dictionary" feature has a bug. It is dependent on cookies, which does not make sense. It forces me to reset the order of dictionaries every time I log on. So, my request is to solve the order of dictionaries in a way that is compatible with the use of Lingq. I.e. every time I log on, all my characteristics and settings are restored.

Can you please make the "manage dictionaries" feature persistent across logon sessions?